REIGN is my new experimental short film that recently premiered on Bullett Media and played in 360° for an audience this summer at Substrate Gallery in Hollywood as part of a special screening that included passionate live performances. Although I've been doing video work for quite awhile now, I took my art much further this time by creating a multi-sensory installation that translated the film into a tactile environment. The REIGN film and the event were, in a way, my official debut as an artist. Read what Bullett editors had to say here, and view the film below.


The concept began with a solitary roadtrip that led me into a forest in Oregon where I was able to capture hours of inspirational footage. I later decided to integrate that footage into this project with artist Dru Acosta of the Del'Hacienda fashion label, whose androgyny and royal aesthetic take center stage in this video piece that showcases he and his partner Omar's clothing designs and styling. In REIGN, atmospheres of the deep forest combine with a theme of sovereignty, as the subject's inner turmoil is exposed yet their supreme beauty is pristine and unfaltering. It centers around sentiments of self-discovery, temptation, and sacrifice. To shoot this video I employed a Chiaroscuro lighting style resembling renaissance era art, and I also put together the sound design by mixing various samples including the eerie and entrancing sound of a rare instrument called the theremin

I knew I wanted to do more than simply share this film online, so I decided to present it in a more immersive setting that involved all five senses. Guests at the July 29th screening were invited into a world of dark imagery and exotic vibes, starting with the mixologist that greeted them with a Bourbon concoction that included ginger kombucha, peach bellini and mint to engage the sense of taste. Lining the gallery floor and walls were bucket loads of tropical foliage, eucalyptus and roses, with essential oils of moss, rose and burgamot diffusing throughout the room to invoke the spirit of mother nature. The soundtrack I put together for the night mixed all different genres including Turkish psych, trip hop and ambient, while the crowd was enveloped in video projections from all angles that put them up-close with plant textures and insect life that I shot using a macro lens at the Pasadena Botanical Gardens.

Singer/musician NCP gave an incredible performance of her track Languish to lead into the start of the film. Her echoing vocals were the perfect match for the occasion, bringing a haunting tone to the night as dancer Ivana D'Souza accompanied her with movement. As the intro to REIGN began, Dru joined the performance and improvised a display of dramatics that eventually merged into the actual film; his antics in real life mirroring his on-screen journey. At one point he laid on the floor and gazed deep into a mirror as if falling into a pool of water or a portal to another world; then he turned the mirror on the audience. All the artists involved spontaneously fed off of each other's energy and created a mood that fit perfectly with what I had envisioned. At a time when the environment is threatened more than ever, people are craving nature. The idea behind this cinematic experience was to immerse us in just that, voicing our great appreciation and connection to this Earth. 

Behind the scenes at the film screening event for REIGN. See below for more event photos as well a few screenshots of the actual footage that was projected throughout the night.


Del'Hacienda is an emerging avant-garde apparel label by designers Omar Cisneros and Dru Acosta, whose boundary-pushing vision signals a type of artistry that is rare... even for a place like Los Angeles. The duo already has two runway shows under their belts, gaining lots of attention with their saint-inspired silhouettes and gender-fluid identities. They embody the values of a new generation of young artists who defy categorization and define the idea of fearless self-expression. One half of this creative duo, Dru is without a doubt a star waiting to be discovered in front of the camera as well. Drawing loads of attention wherever he goes, he was recently also featured in the newest music videos for both Cray and Lawrence Rothman.

 Dru and Omar

Dru and Omar

  Josephine Pearl Lee  wearing Del'Hacienda, photo by  Katy Shayne

Josephine Pearl Lee wearing Del'Hacienda, photo by Katy Shayne






NCP (aka Nazz) is a musician/vocalist as well as a graphic artist. She's part of various projects, including frequent contributions to The Drummetrics collective (of which she is the only female member). As a guitarist myself, I had worked with some mutual friends of the Drummetrics in the past, which led me to recently connect with Nazz. The REIGN event was our first collaboration, and a very successful and empowering one for us both. We definitely have plans to team up more in the future. Listen to Languish here

 Ivana D'Souza

Ivana D'Souza



Ivana D'Souza is a professional dancer born and raised in Miami, currently living in L.A. and repped by Movement Talent Agency. Her training is extensive in all genres, but mainly focuses on hip hop, waacking, and house, to which she integrates other styles like modern and ballet to create a flow of her own. When I invited her to be a part of this performance, she was eager to work on something outside the mainstream 'commercial' realm that she typically encounters in Los Angeles. REIGN attendees were in awe of her performance, and the fact that it was not rehearsed and completely improvised makes it that much more impressive!

Brendan Cameron Tribute by Jeannette Deron

Over the summer the world lost a very sweet soul, Brendan Cameron, aka 'B'. She was young and destined for greatness... on her path to the stars. I was fortunate to meet B when I had just moved to LA and had launched a series of interveiws for the fashion brand WE ARE MORTALS that aimed at discussing gender identity and the future. At the age of only 22, the views Brendan shared where like those of a wise older person. She had wisdom beyond her years, and to this day that interview is my favorite. Watch the interview here.

B embodied the message of the brand and what they stand for. She was a quiet crusader breaking down barriers with her kind heart and welcoming, embracing attitude. She slayed all gender roles on the dancefloor with her fan in hand and her striking outfits, and she was someone that lit up the room in an instant. As a tribute to her life, her good friends Ostbahnhof L.A. threw a gala in her honor at the Globe Theater in downtown LA, which featured performances by The Slather Factory, Dominque McDougale and co., Candido, and Phyllis Navidad.

Here are two of those memorable performances I filmed that night. Rest in power, B <3

Love Bailey and The Slather Factory / The Globe Theatre DTLA / August 19, 2017

Dominique Mcdougal / The Globe Theatre DTLA / August 19, 2017

THE PALMS - ALL4YOU by Jeannette Deron

This past November I had the opportunity to work with director Nik Klevorov on a music video for the band The Palms as the production designer. The Palms and Nik came up with the idea to do a video that would be a visual commentary on how modern times and the past have become indistinguishable in the sense that fashion and music are now revisiting the trends of the 90s so frequently. The 90s era has consumed pop culture so much that shopping at Urban Outfitters feels like a scene from the film Empire Records. This was my first collaboration with Nik and I was excited to bring his vision alive, so I went all out... making sure I tapped into every resource available to me. Growing up in the 90s myself, I was in luck to have many old relics from my teenage years. A transparent neon light telephone, CDs, cassettes, and some key wardrobe pieces. Within only a week  of planning and prepping I managed to collect all the various items Nik had requested along with a ton more that he never expected. I even conjured up an old teenage hobby of mine and customized a journal with magazine cutouts of bands and idols I adored at the time. 

When I arrived on location in Malibu I was greeted by Johnny of The Palms. We immediately took over his sister's old room and flipped it into a teenage girl's haven. The first thing I customized were the bed postings by adding hologram paper. Then I worked my way around the room, adding posters, a lava light, black lights, stickers, multi-color drip candles, glow in the dark stars, and even a Magic 8 ball. The place was time warped into 1992 in just 4 hours! After everything was set in place, all I needed on the day of the shoot was to fit actress Madison Lawlor with an assortment of killer outfits that of course included denim, chokers, tie dye, scrunchies, flannel, and a babydoll dress. We went from pop queen to grungy riot girl in the blink of an eye. I even got to throw in my mother’s beloved Wilsons leather jacket in the final scene. Those jackets were legit 90s... everyone had one back in the day. The video was wrapped by 5pm and Nik worked his magic on the edit the following week. Here is the video below in all it’s 90s style glory.